I Live Somewhere, Too!

9 09 2012

Now that you know about Ayo’s fantastic co-op living situation it’s time that I share where I live. During our time in Austin we have developed some good friends. Ayo and I both share a great friendship with Noah, one of the leaders of Austin’s acroyoga community and an all-around fun guy. Noah lives in a 2-bedroom house right in the middle of everything in South Austin. When we got back from our summer trip he casually mentioned that his second bedroom was free.

Empty, except for my compressed(!) mattress

Empty, except for my compressed(!) mattress

Fast forward a month and I’m renting his second room, complete with a good friend in the room next door, a gymnastics gym in the huge duplex living room, and my own bathroom and shower. It’s been less than a week so far, but I am very happy with the arrangement.

One thing, though: RVs come fully furnished, but bedrooms generally don’t. I have never furnished a place by myself before, so I was in for an experience in setting up my room. After a long scooter ride to IKEA I handed over a solid amount of money and spent the next day putting my room together. I had already ordered an awesome mattress from Keetsa (the queen size Pillow Plus) as well as some great linens from Amazon.com, and I am really happy with how things came together.

I have a bed!

I have a bed!

Looking toward the bathroom

Looking toward the bathroom

There is still work to do in putting final touches on my room, but things are great as they are and I live dangerously close to some of Austin’s great restaurants and food trailer parks.

So that’s my deal around these parts. As I settle in and begin to have a more regular schedule I’ll be sharing what I’m up to and how I am spending my time.

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10 09 2012

I’m glad you are both settling into what is still my favorite city in the USA. Please keep us posted. It helps with my homesickness 😉

10 09 2012

Looks incredible! Can’t wait to check out the digs myself. Titchadesh. 🙂

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